Laurent Mottron, M.D., Ph. D., MACSS / FCAHS

I am a researcher-clinician, specialised in the cognitive aspects of autism. Sylvie Belleville and I were the first researchers to highlight atypicalities in autistic visual processing, and to catalog autistic strengths. My work on perceptual and intellectual functioning in autism has had a global impact on the research, theoretical understanding and intervention for this condition. In addition to maintaining a research program and regular clinical hours, I have contributed to decreasing discrimination against autistic adults and pushed for interventions to take autistic strengths into account, through academic and clinical teaching, the integration of autistic adults into my research team, published works, and media appearances. My most recent work focuses on developing explanatory models for autistic heterogeneity and phenotypes, the development of an early intervention model based on autistic childrens’ strengths, and the impact of autism diagnostic methods on our ability to obtain research results.

Laurent Mottron resume

Awards and Distinctions

Heinz Lehman Awards, AMPQ. Annual award of the Quebec Psychiatry Association, to a psychiatrist having most contributed to the advancement of knowledge and practice in Psychiatry. June 2019.

Honorary Doctorate. Université de Liège (Belgium). March 2019.

Fellow of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. September 2019.


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